10 Biggest "Jannettys" In Wrestling History

1. Marty Jannetty - The Rockers


C’mon. We weren’t going to have a list of the 10 Biggest Jannettys without including the Jannetty himself at the top of the list, were we?

It’s a real shame, because Marty’s singles career was heading on a similar trajectory to that of his partner’s. He won his first official tag team championship, and was also Intercontinental Champion in one of the biggest segments of the year on Raw, as well as putting in the match of the year against Michaels on that same program.

A lot of people may tell you that Marty had enough talent to be a success on his own. Unfortunately, his personal demons wouldn’t let him make any headway in his career. And it wasn’t like Vince McMahon didn’t offer Marty second, third, fourth, or even fifth chances for years.

Considering Shawn had one of the greatest careers in the history of wrestling, and seeing how little Marty ended up accomplishing, it is warranted that the second-place in any tag team split is unaffectionately referred to as the “Jannetty.”

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