10 Biggest Car Crash Wrestling PPVs Ever

Doomsday Cages, Yetis, and drunken main events...


Professional wrestling is an inherently ridiculous pantomime with an absurdly high propensity for disaster.

It has created countless hours of truly unwatchable television of the years, with the sport producing moments that have viewers questioning their own fandom at a higher rate than any other entertainment medium. When wrestling's bad, it's really bad, but there's nothing quite like it when the wheels come off entirely, everything that could go wrong does go wrong, and entire pay-per-views become beautiful disasters.

Our sport's vast history is full of so-bad-they're-good show that, when kept at arm's length, are just as enjoyable as your WrestleMania X-Sevens and Wrestle Kingdom 9s: albeit in entirely different ways.

These events, much like people who use 'smark' unironically in 2018, are not to be taken seriously. They're big and dumb, overbooked and in many cases, entirely destructive to the promotions hosting them, creatively and on the balance sheet. Each is stronger for it, though. These glorious wrestling trainwrecks were so catastrophic, they became unintentionally hilarious, and their car crash appeal can't be denied.

To rage against their objective lack of quality is to miss the point entirely: they're both terrible and terribly entertaining...


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