10 Biggest Flops In WWE History

Giants, legends and TNA all-stars.


For as much entertainment as WWE has provided over the years, they have also made a bad habit of under-delivering and squandering opportunities. From the WCW invasion to the Kennel From Hell match, it's fair to say that WWE have dropped the ball more times than a fingerless juggler.

Similarly, Vince McMahon's company doesn't have the best track record when it comes to gimmicks and personas either. For every John Cena there are countless Mavens left in the employment line.

Sadly for the performers, many WWE gimmicks were doomed to fail before they even left the writers' room, no matter how talented the wrestler was. On the other hand, sometimes the talent itself just wasn't up to scratch.

Having said that, it's virtually impossible for any promotion to knock it out of the park 100% of the time; some ideas are always going to be worse than others. Luckily for the WWE Universe, the duds are always interesting at least - even if it's just as car crash entertainment.

Regardless of the reasoning behind the failure, here's ten examples of potential WWE superstars who flopped worse than brewer's droop.

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