10 Biggest Game-Changers In Wrestling Right Now

Changing the world, one great match or bold business decision at a time.


Professional wrestling's evolution can be hard to keep track of.

While it often feels as though WWE's mainline product is stuck in the same place, the McMahons' company, too, is an ever-changing entity. One need only look at today's roster composition to see how their approach is shifting, with their increasingly aggressive talent acquisition strategy yielding a vast pool of performers across multiple brands, with shows like 205 Live and NXT catering for workrate minded fans while Raw and SmackDown shoot for the mainstream.

Yet WWE's efforts aren't the last word in pro-wrestling innovation. Far from it, in fact, as their seemingly insurmountable market dominance breeds creative complacency, and they're regularly lagging behind the competition when it comes to driving the sport forward. Evolution is an important pay-per-view, but can be really hold it up as progressive when shows like Dream Slam 1 were happening 25 years ago?

The industry's biggest promotion still house some of the sport's foremost forward-thinkers and self-starters, though a number of their stakeholders, rivals, and even potential signings are working just as hard (or in some cases, harder) to change the game, inside the ring and out, no matter how big their spotlight...


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