10 Biggest Stories From New Japan’s Dominion And What They Mean Going Forward

10. The Company's New President Makes A Statement

Harold George Meij is the first non-Japanese President of New Japan in the company’s 46-year history. Despite this, he is no stranger to the land of Japan -- of Dutch descent, Meij learned both Japanese and English after moving to the country at a young age. Since, he has built a reputation within the business world, primarily due to his success in tripling the once-failing Takara Tomy's stock since 2014. Prior to his position with the toy company, he was also the Senior Vice President of Coca-Cola Japan.

Meij appeared in the ring where he posed for photos and accepted a New Japan jacket from Tikaaki Kidani, the founder of Bushiroad -- the parent company of the promotion. Before that, NJPW’s new leader made an impassioned pledge to the fans in attendance and those watching on NJPWWorld.com. In Japanese then English, Meij said that he wanted to “take New Japan to the next level” and that he felt the promotion had what it took. He further promised to give his “everything to make that dream come true.”

While Meij’s ultimate strategies are not known, the rest of Dominion’s night did provide some potential insight into the new president’s ideas. Not only did Meij’s presence lend itself to a new international feel, but so too did the rest of Dominion which had a decidedly non-Japanese focus by night’s end.


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