10 Biggest Stories From New Japan's G1 Special And What They Mean Going Forward

The Bullet Club settles their differences amid chaos as a new Firing Squad takes aim.


New Japan Pro Wrestling has captured much of the wrestling world’s attention in 2018 as they continue to put on monumental events with countless star-making contests. Furthermore, the company has continued their attempts to grow within the American market after holding two previous events in Long Beach, CA this year and last. Saturday’s G1 Special in San Francisco may have struggled to garner the same acclaim as the outstanding Dominion show from June, but it surely did its job of further cementing a fanbase on the United States’ west coast.

Much of the night's focus fell on Cody and current IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kenny Omega as they set to do battle for not just the title but also for supremacy within the ever-popular Bullet Club stable. However, no one was able to predict what all would take place by night’s end.

From the fracturing of the Bullet Club, to a new champion, and even a worrying injury -- we look at not only what took place in front of six-thousand-plus fans in the famed Cow Palace, but what will be the fallout for New Japan Pro Wrestling and its stars as the year rolls on.

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