10 Biggest Wrestling Promo Botches

When the only opponent they can't defeat is the microphone.


The age of televised wrestling has seen a wrestler's promo skills gaining as much, sometimes more, importance than his in-ring skills. The Rock was a fine wrestler, but it was his ability on the mic that made him a superstar. Similarly, it was Stone Cold Steve Austin's legendary 'Austin 3:16' speech at the King of the Ring 1996 that ignited his journey to the top of the industry. The crazy promo styles of Hogan, Savage and the Ultimate Warrior characterised the Hulkamania era and played to immense numbers of fans.

Today's WWE is no different, with Enzo Amore taking on the role that Road Dogg of the New Age Outlaws had before him, as much a loudmouthed hype man as a wrestler. Paul Heyman takes on the promo duties for Brock Lesnar, a man who is terrifying in action but not so much when he talks. The New Day, The Miz and Bray Wyatt are other men whose career owes as much to their mic skills at their wrestling, if not more.

But just like wrestlers can botch in the ring, they can botch on the mic too. And they do. Sweet, lord, they do. Wrestling history is littered with car crash promos from the bumbling to the ill-judged to the accidentally (or deliberately) offensive.

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