10 Biggest WWE Creative Mistakes Of 2018

Responding to utter, non-stop contempt in kind.

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To top the dismal, shocking, lame, futile trolling that masqueraded as "booking" in 2018 next year, WWE would have to:

- Promote Matt Riddle and Aleister Black to the main roster as a strange bedfellows tag act, one that sees the King of Bros encourage the former Tommy End to look at the bright side of life, and culminates with Black joining in with the "Bro!" chants after various trips to f*cking Disney World melt his cold exterior.

- Plunge Becky Lynch's momentum after they learn she is actually writing her own tweets, and that will not do.

- Repackage The Revival as the New New Midnight Express, if in fact they're not there already.

- Book Kane to return and join the New Day, because everything is comedy that isn't funny.

- Separate Andrade Almas from Zelina Vega, for no discernible reason.

- Or just continue to not consistently book Almas, one of the best performers on the planet...

The title alone should let you, the reader, know what you're in for. This will be a N E G A T I V E piece, and unless you bear the name Stan Mark, you cannot in good faith justify any of WWE's brain-blasting misfires this year.

If you're looking to read more positive material, please, be our guest.

This isn't a positive article, and nor should it be. WWE had a right old Billy Gunn of a year; it was ass, and it sucked and blew at the same time.


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