10 Biggest WWE Creative Success Stories Of 2018

***** developments in this -***** era.

Ronda Rousey

2018...wasn't a great year for WWE.

Even the in-ring standard, something we once held onto as something of a bargaining tactic, plummeted: tag team wrestling either diminished (SmackDown) or was treated as a total joke (RAW); to either get Roman Reigns over as a face, or Baron Corbin over as a heel, the 1980s rest hold is somehow back in vogue; even very good matches suffer in this era of so many wretched non-finishes...

As a result of all this, honourable mentions were sparse - and, on top of everything else, absolutely f*ck this company for ruining easy intro fodder. Introductions are really hard to write. To be kind, 205 Live has improved exponentially, but let's be realistic here: the hard graft put in by the likes of Buddy Murphy and Mustafa Ali is more Sisphyean task than inexorable rise. Mirroring the main roster viewing experience, WWE's D Brand is as futile for the performer. Elias has acquitted himself to well to an inhospitable environment. Shame about his matches.

WWE produces an infinite stream of content, and through sheer probability, some of that content was pretty bloody good.

Less facetiously, some of it was unreal.


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