10 Biggest WWE Injustices

That's not fair.


Injustice is basically a ubiquitous and unavoidable part of every-day life. In fact, you can barely walk outside your house these days without immediately noticing something that doesn't seem entirely fair.

It's also fairly common in WWE - although not to anywhere near the same extent. We're not talking about underpaid public service workers here, so much as we are potentially main event-calibre wrestlers being kept from realising their dreams by cruel fate, or just a big match defeat that really sticks in the craw.

In other words, it's rarely worth standing outside WWE HQ in Connecticut with placards, or chaining yourself to the ring-post in protest. It's Vince McMahon's company at the end of the day, and if he disagrees with our (obviously correct) assessment of Roman Reigns then so be it.

But that doesn't mean there's no point bringing attention to their wrestling crimes. Stars - and, in some cases, fans - of the squared circle who have been the victims of injustice over the years need a voice, and if we don't give it to them then then who will?

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