10 Biggest WWE Plot Holes

There's a hole in your logic.


Nothing we see in a WWE ring makes all that much sense when you really sit down and think about it. At least half the roster should be serving a lengthy prison sentence for attempted murder, for one thing.

But, generally, you're prepared to forgive realism lapses of this kind. As with superhero movies, the main thing is that they conform to the internal logic of their own universe, ensuring that plot devices like, for example, the introduction of a random new power are properly explained to the audience.

It's a lot easier for the Spiderman franchise to stay on top of all of this than WWE, though. They only produce a two-hour movie once every couple of years, whereas Vince McMahon and co churn out four programs a week. It's almost inevitable, under these constraints, that they will trip themselves up once or twice along the way.

And, whenever they do leave gaping logic holes in their storylines - or else just completely forget to resolve an angle in front of the cameras - it's the fans' duty to point it out...