10 Biggest WWE WrestleMania 34 Missed Opportunities

Hype is for suckers.


As inconsistent as it was, WrestleMania 34 wasn't without its triumphs.

Wrestling fans were united by their love of the red-hot Intercontinental Title opener, Charlotte's awesome scrap with Asuka (streak-related concerns aside), Ronda Rousey's electric in-ring debut, and Daniel Bryan's emotional return. Less unifying were the two World Title matches and The Undertaker's squash of John Cena, but it'd be a stretch to call either objectively bad.

Heading into the event, this year's Show Of Shows came with genuine "Greatest Of All Time" potential. The card was fantastic, and the build exciting, but 'Mania 34 couldn't meet its astronomical expectations. It went off a cliff several times after the Rousey match. At best, it was a good show that should've been incredible, and it'll go down as a disappointment, regardless of whether or not this is justified.

It's impossible to ignore the numerous ways in which WWE (and in some cases, the performers themselves) dropped the ball on Sunday night. They had a potentially legendary show on their hands, but delivered an inconsistent one, and the crowd weren't shy of voicing their disapproval when things fell short of expectations...

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