10 Bizarre WWE Scenes You Totally Don’t Remember

9. Andre The Giant - Gone Fishin'


Filmed as a Coliseum Video interstitial that also snuck on to Hulk Hogan's Rock 'n' Wrestling animated series, the vignette in which Andre The Giant joins an extra for a spot of fishing was one of the last things the iconic star recorded as a babyface for the company ahead of his era-defining 1987 heel turn.

By late-1985, Andre was less then half the phenom he'd been in younger years, with a victory over Big John Studd at the inaugural WrestleMania looking as much like a farewell showcase in front of the Madison Square Garden faithful as it did a precursor to a massive push. It was the same again at 1986's 'Show Of Shows'; a battle royal victory was par for the course rather than a booking hole-in-one.

This comedic moment captured Andre at his sweetest. The bit didn't call for much - an unsuccessful angler marvels at the Giant's ability to shout almost-as-massive fish out of the water - but it's easy to see how both company and competitor both considered his career on wind-down before Vince McMahon's grand pitch talked the seven-footer into one of the most important matches of all time.

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