10 Bullet Club Elite Vs. WWE Dream Matches We'd Like To See

Who in the Elite should wrestle in WWE first and foremost? We have ideas.


Weeks ago, we speculated on the pros and cons of the Bullet Club Elite going to WWE. While ultimately we made a case of more pros than cons, no one can predict the minds of the five men involved in the powerful pact. Regardless, the prospect of Kenny Omega, Cody, Hangman Page, and the Young Bucks going to WWE has fans on edge.

Going to work for Vince McMahon and Triple H would be a controversial change, to say the least. After all, The Elite made such a name and brand for themselves not just for match quality, but for establishing themselves as major-level players outside of Vince McMahon's system.

Still, aside from ring-work, the name value is attractive to WWE. On the chance the Elite sign with Vince come January, what is the most we could expect from such a deal?

Assuming the Elite become the WWElite, every fan is wondering, whether brought onto the main roster or NXT, who exactly will be wrestling whom. Obviously, we have our own ideas, and we hope that, given the popularity and skillsets of the performers involved, their matches, on paper, reach their full potential.

Still, however, this is a business built on speculation, and right now, that's all we can do. Given the performers across all brands, and given the realistic possibilities of the men who might sign with WWE, here are some quite plausible programs you could look forward to...


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