10 Candidates For WWE’s Bizarre Post-WrestleMania 35 Push

Why not, pal?!


'Pin the push on the jobber' season has started early in 2018; usually a grand post-WrestleMania tradition, WWE, seemingly desperate to promise every performer a new arc in the face of imminent competition, has sort of already done this.

We write sort of, because Mojo Rawley is sort of not getting a push, but sort of just ranting and raving about proving folk wrong in backstage segments. He's starting with the man in the mirror - is taking the advice of Michael Jackson instead of Vince McMahon better or worse for one's career prospects? - but it's asking a lot of WWE to actually make that change. There's a very good chance that Mojo finds himself staring at something else in about three weeks: the wall in catering, as he asks himself what the f*ck just happened to his career.

That's a cynical take, but just consider the other, recent recipients of this out-of-nowhere, we-should-probably-do-something-with-this-guy-we're-paying-six figures mini-push. In 2016, WWE promised to make Darren Young great again, inviting the inevitable 'Since when was Darren Young great?' murmurs. Which would have been fine, if that was the heat, but he was in fact the Bob Backlund-mentored babyface we definitely knew we didn't want. 2016 also bestowed upon on us the repackaged Shining Stars tandem. What a sh*tty gimmick that was. That's it. That's the insight.

2017, meanwhile, saw Jinder Mahal win the WWE Championship.

So that could happen, two years later, for *give me the blindfold, pal*...


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