10 Characters WWE Gave Up On Way Too Soon

Cody's 'dashing to disfigured' change deserved more attention...

The Bludgeon Brothers

WWE creative team meetings must be a fickle place. One moment, a new character idea is considered good enough for television. The next, it's abandoned and the announcers on Raw and SmackDown are instructed to act like it never happened. It looks like The Bludgeon Brothers are the latest victims of this capricious behaviour.

Luke Harper and Erick Rowan introduced their new gimmick on SmackDown recently, and even performed on WWE's house show in Dublin on 2 November under the new guise. Recent fan pics from subsequent live events suggest the experiment is over and the duo have already returned to wearing their old Wyatt Family gear.

A few days is hardly enough time to figure out whether or not a character will be successful. Harper and Rowan won't be the last to suffer from this kind of decision-making though, and whilst others have been given slightly longer, they aren't the first either. If only WWE knew how to slow down and give new ideas room to breathe...

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