10 Characters WWE Gave Up On Way Too Soon

10. 'The' Brian Kendrick

Ezekiel Jackson The Brian Kendrick

Hopes were high when WWE broke up the successful partnership Brian Kendrick and Paul London had forged, drafted Kendrick to SmackDown and gave him a new gimmick in 2008. With newcomer Ezekiel Jackson by his side, he began calling himself 'The' Brian Kendrick. There was potential in Kendrick's smug demeanour, and he was one hell of an in-ring worker.

The experiment was short-lived. WWE did a decent job building Kendrick over the summer and even put him in the Championship Scramble for the WWE Title at Unforgiven. After that (and a few moments in the sun as interim champion during the match), it was all downhill.

Suddenly, the writers lost interest in Kendrick and started to see more in Jackson. He was split from Kendrick in April and the pair proceeded to tread water for a while on Raw and ECW. WWE had a real chance to do something special with an interesting gimmick Kendrick was clearly enjoying, but they didn't have enough patience.

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