10 Content Additions That Would Improve WWE Network

10. WWE Studios Movies

No, the movies that WWE Films puts out aren't going to be winning any Oscars anytime soon, but to this day, the movies remain highly talked-about, almost receiving cult status. Films like The Marine, See No Evil, 12 Rounds, The Condemned, The Chaperone, and so forth have all been seen by many a person, even though many of those people wouldn't be very quick to admit that they were viewers. There have been 31 movies released under the WWE Studios/WWE Films banner, with another nine set to be released during the 2015 calendar year. Some of those movies were box office successes, and some made their money in the world of DVD sales and rentals. Even the really bad movies have some value to them, as it is becoming a more and more popular thing for people to get together and have viewing parties for movies they know are bad. Mystery Science Theater 3000 helped to make that popular, and the rise of movies like Sharknado and other SyFy stinkers has only added to it. If the WWE movies were slowly rolled out onto the Network, it gives a different kind of content boost, and will provide that kind of viewing party opportunity for wrestling fans.
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