10 Controversial WWE Moments From 20 Years Ago

Everything old is new again.

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Vince Russo didn't cover himself in glory lately, with a series of ill-advised and dated remarks about homosexuality in recent weeks that he then also failed to coherently atone for on his podcast.

By no means the worst bile spewed by folks on the peripheries of the wrestling industry, his misjudged comments felt like the voice of a man out of time, pushing forth an agenda that no longer fits in a modernised society broadly intolerant of bigotry and slur.

And yet, the platform from which he can share his misguided misanthropy is built upon genre-defining creativity from two decades ago. Vince Russo was, for the briefest period, a storytelling soothsayer. Don't believe him, just ask him, bro.

He may have stood on the shoulders of giants, but he stood forward and proudly, briefly contributing some of the most forward-thinking ideas in the history of the wrestling business.

They were divisive and dangerous, but all aided a tonal shift that reinvented an organisation and completely redefined an industry.

And best of all, they have endured. With the WWE Network presenting much of the company's back catalogue on demand, company highs and lows can be reviewed again and again, with 1996-1998's experimental melodrama still some of the finest content to revisit.

Entrenched in a ratings war and with shock and awe in ample supply, here are 10 controversial WWE moments from 20 years ago that still hold up today.

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