10 Craziest WWE Bumps Of All Time

Somehow, they're all still alive to tell the tale...

The Undertaker Mankind Hell In A Cell

The fact that Mick Foley being Chokeslammed through Hell In A Cell, falling dangerously into the ring below and being walloped in the face with a steel chair on the way down, isn't his worst ever bump says a lot about the man's career.

Mick wears the wounds of his many wars now, but when considering just how many sickening bumps he's taken, he's lucky to have escaped with his life. Others are no different, and they've equally felt the pain of wrestling's apparent need to push the envelope and promote a big bumping style.

Still, nobody forced them to do it, and the fact people talk about their work today is akin to some crude badge of honour.

Perhaps the most incredible thing about all the bumps examined here is that they didn't result in career-ending injuries. That's a minor miracle in the case of Foley; nobody reading this will be surprised to see a lot of his stunts, and that's because he (more than any other) has put his body through hell for our entertainment.

Shane McMahon is trying his best to top Mick though...

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