10 Crazy WWE Stunts (And How They Did Them)

What do you mean it's not real?

The Undertaker Lightning
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Despite its reputation for being "fake", most of the genuinely jaw-dropping stuff you see in and around a WWE ring actually happens for real.

Take, for example, the many times that Mick Foley and Shane McMahon have leaped or been pushed from a great height. There's no camera tricks there, and in most cases no crash-pad waiting for them below either. The spot simply relies on a human being being prepared to undergo intense physical pain in the aid of entertaining a crowd.

But not all WWE stunts are quite so authentic. Actually burying someone up to their eyes in dirt, or having them sit inside a limousine as it's blown up, would likely result in death - something that even the most committed wrestlers tend to shy away from. As such, the production crew must come up with clever ways to make something appear real while keeping the performers safe.

Needless to say, the company itself would never actually reveal its secrets, but thanks to a combination of testimony of industry insiders and online fan theories, we can in many cases take a pretty good guess at how they pulled it off.