10 Cringe-Worthy Interviews With The Undertaker

Some interviews with The Undertaker do anything but provoke fear of The Deadman.


Remaining a man of unspoken gravitas served The Undertaker well over the years, and it was because Mark Calloway was the perfect man to play the role. At nearly 7 feet tall and 300 lbs (billed), he could have tried to win wrestling fans over with his sheer size alone, but it was the character juxtaposition, of a quiet western mortician and a zombie impervious to pain, that sent him to unparalleled heights.

The Deadman remained stoic both inside and outside of the squared circle. He didn’t walk to the ring. He slowly stalked his opponent. When he took a power move, he jerked upright without the slightest glimpse of pain on his face. His few drawn out words captivated audiences, as they often involved severe circumstances. This verbal scarcity helped maintained the mystique of The Phenom, too. The few occasions fans spotted him outside of McMahon's yard, they tuned in closely.

But while Mean Mark was the right man for the job when it came to playing The Demon of Death Valley, he wasn't always the best at playing interviewee. Unfortunate timing, breaking kayfabe, horse playing: these were just a few of the ways an interview went awry.

However, they don't nearly cover every time one of his appearances made the WWE Universe shudder in repulsion, rather than fear...


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