10 Current WWE Superstars That Are Majorly Out Of Shape

Body Language


In recent years, WWE have attempted to perpetuate a myth that the organisation was no longer all about aesthetics. Publicly embracing diversity in ways virtually brand new to the company, Vince McMahon's vision of what a pro wrestler should look like began to appear outward-facing for the first time in decades. Universal Champion Kevin Owens wrestling in a t-shirt would have been completely unthinkable in eras gone by.

With Triple H finally allowed to co-pilot the company's talent trajectory, NXT became a fostering plant of indie darlings and unvarnished rookies alike, whilst the main roster finally embraced significant changes in the women's and tag divisions that have given hope to performers and fans alike best serviced by action from those ranks.

With the exception of the one Vince has lived in most of his adult life, a wrestling bubble is never too far away from bursting, and WWE's veneer of positivity came crashing down when it was revealed that Brock Lesnar and other part-timers (read: the WrestleMania level stars) are immune from Wellness testing after the 'Beast' failed a USADA check following his UFC return.

McMahon steered into the storm earlier this year, putting the Universal Title back on the artificially inflated Brock and doubling down with the insta-push of all insta-pushes for a suddenly-very-vascular Jinder Mahal. 2015 offered a false dawn on the organisation's ingrained body fascism, but one repeat offender may need to consider cutting some carbs if they wish to maintain current prominence...


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