10 Dream Wrestling Matches That Didn't Deliver

When expectation meets reality.


Last week, WWE fans got another harsh lesson in the difference between expectation and reality when The Undertaker made his triumphant return at WrestleMania 34, only to fight a match that was shorter in length than his ring entrance.

This is nothing that followers of wrestling haven't seen a hundred times before, of course. The very nature of the business is that it's live and unpredictable. Where movies and TV shows have the luxury of a re-shoot, a wrestler having an off-night or the creative team misreading a crowd can irreparably ruin the whole occasion.

Countless matches, billed as ostensible dream encounters in the build-up, have ended up falling flat on the night itself, and often it's not necessarily because their technical quality has been below-par (although this is often incidentally true) but because the climax is just weak and unsatisfying, leaving more questions than it does answers.

You would think, after so many letdowns, we as fans would learn to moderate our expectations in the future, but that's easier said than done. We're always apt to be reeled back in by another clash of the titans, wondering whether this is the one where they finally deliver on the hype.