10 Dream Wrestling Matches (That We Really Needed To Happen This Decade)

10. Kane Vs. Abyss


Following Abyss' rise through the ranks at TNA, fans couldn't help but compare him to wrestling's most famous masked monster Kane. After all, they were both renowned for their reigns of destruction, they were both heavy hitters in the ring and, well, yeah they both had long hair and scary masks.

Look, there's no denying that Kane's best in-ring days were both at the end of the '90s and the beginning of the '00s, so by the time that this decade had started, he had significantly slowed down. That being said, he did re-mask in 2011 (after spending eight years unmasked) and that was more than enough to make the idea of a dream match with Abyss all the more appealing.

Unlike some of the other offerings on this list, it's hard to really blame WWE on this one's failure to transpire. Sure, they threw a truck load of problematic storylines at Kane over the past 10 years but that doesn't change the fact that Abyss never showed up in the company and, thus, they couldn't make this dream match happen. And even if he did, it's not like he could be Abyss anyway.

Ironically, Abyss himself, Joseph Parks, has been working for WWE as a producer this year... just as the semi-retired Kane is busy being the mayor of Knox County, Tennessee. Yeah, it just seems like the pair's paths were never destined to cross and, with both of them past their physical prime now, it's unlikely that we'll ever see them collide.

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