10 Early Predictions For WWE Hall Of Fame 2019

Who will head up the Class of 2019?

LA Lakers/WWE

We're only a week removed from WrestleMania 34, and as per tradition, fans and media alike are already beginning to think about what might happen at next year's Showcase of the Immortals.

It's been suggested by some reputedly in-the-know backstage sources, for example, that Charlotte Flair could battle Ronda Rousey in the night's headline match, marking the first time that WWE's annual wrestling extravaganza will be main evented by a pair of female wrestlers.

Slightly less spoken about, however, is the accompanying Hall of Fame ceremony, the one time of the year when legends of the squared circle (plus Kid Rock) are recognised for their contributions to the industry in front of an audience of their moist-eyed peers.

Predicting who will make the Class of 2019 nearly a full year in advance isn't easy - particularly when WWE is apt to throw a Jeff Jarrett-sized spanner in the works every now and then - but it's not impossible either. There's only a select group of wrestlers still to get the HOF nod, and several of them are well overdue for some recognition...