10 Early Wrestler Finishers You Totally Forgot About

9. Kane - €“The Snap DDT

Glenn Jacobs has memorably worked with some of the crappiest gimmicks to grace pro wrestling television, most notably Unabomb, The Christmas Creature, and the car crash that was the fake Diesel character in the WWF.

The year before Jacobs was asked to cosplay a departed Kevin Nash, he was on WWF television as the sadistic dentist character Isaac Yankem, Jerry €˜The King€™ Lawler€™'s private enforcer. No, we have no idea why Lawler chose to hire a dentist as his muscle, or why Yankem would moonlight as a pro wrestler when he had a professional career as a dentist.

He€™ worked against Bret Hart during Lawler€™'s feud with The Hitman, before being relegated to jobber-to-the-stars status and disappearing while they waited to repackage him again. During this time, Yankem €“ would use a snap DDT, nicknamed the €˜DDS. Of course, the cool name was the extent of the idea's worth: it€™'s more difficult for a huge man like that to apply a DDT on the smaller opponents he€™'d invariably face, and the move requires no Herculean strength to pull off, thereby wasting the fact that they had a near seven-footer to apply it.


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