10 Epic WWE TV Matches That Could Have Been On PPV

Nothing worth having is free? These ten classic matches prove otherwise!


WWE has long been a company that revolves around their PPV model. The weekly episodic TV of Raw and SmackDown has usually followed the formula of building to a big match at the biggest show of the month, biggest event of the season or even the biggest event of the year. However, there are some exceptions to that rule.

The introduction of the WWE Network has seen more focus being put into the TV product as of late and some huge matches have routinely been given away on TV in 2017. As such, the booking philosophy of WWE has seen a noticeable switch in recent months and PPV quality matches on TV are becoming an increasingly regular occurrence.

However, this isn't a completely new concept. WWE would often book huge TV matches during the Monday Night Wars in an effort to coax fans away from the competition on WCW Nitro. In fact, some of the greatest matches in WWE history took place on weekly WWE programming and countless TV bouts have been more than worthy of PPV.

Aren't convinced? Check out these ten awesome offerings from Vince McMahon's group that were incredibly given away on TV.


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