10 Exact WWE Moments That Made Fans Rage Quit

You can't always get what you want...

Sting Triple H

The term "rage quit" is usually associated with video games. We've all been there: something happens to make you hurl a controller to the floor (or even against the nearest wall). Then, in a fit of uncontrollable anger, you rip the power cord from the console and declare with supreme confidence that you'll never be back.

Anyone who watches WWE regularly will know that the term is applicable to pro wrestling too.

There are moments in WWE history that made fans so mad they couldn't stomach it. Hopping on to social media for a quick tirade of fan fury has become the norm, and it's often brought on by a poor booking decision or storyline so foul it makes one question why they even bother. If those rotten writers are going to insult everyone's wishes anyway, what's the point?

Most of these online rants boil down to claims that you'll never watch again. Then, the very next week, there you are tuning into Raw as if nothing happened, hoping that WWE will put things right. That doesn't mean your rage wasn't justified...


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