10 Failed WWE Wrestlers Who Became Cult Classics

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It's never been hard to be universally loved in pro wrestling than right now.

In the social media-obsessed landscape that makes up the modern age, wrestlers are as likely to log in to Twitter to find notifications loaded with hate as they are love regardless of their babyface/heel alignment. Fantasy roleplaying accounts 'shipping them with other faves, dummy fake account set up to slander them and other brand new scenarios impossible to receive, the shrinking world has created a growing number of ways the performers can view their support, but reduced they way to understand what the f*ck it actually means.

There used to be a divide between megastars and cult favourites, but it's getting harder than ever to spot the difference. The IIconics have an astonishing amount of support for their hilarious antics online, but those cheerleaders are likely to clash heads with fans still furious over WrestleMania match that sent Sasha Banks potentially heading for the exit. Becky Lynch gained hundreds of thousands of followers online whilst being painted by the product as the ousted outcast. The "CM Punk" chants may never stop, even though clamours for his return have gradually begin to subside.

'The Voice Of The Voiceless' was at least a mammoth success during his time atop the industry. None of the below ever achieved such status, but have the honour of amber preservations amongst their by fiercely loyal fans.

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