10 Fake Versions Of Popular WWE Superstars

Proof that an original is always going to be worth way more than a copy.

Fake Razor Ramon Diesel Marc Mero

Whether it's a Gucci handbag, a Rolex watch, or a pair of Nike running shoes, there's nothing worse than paying for something real but being given a blatant fake. In that regard, the wrestling business is no different.

While several wrestlers have gone on to inherit established gimmicks over the years (e.g. Sin Cara, Rey Mysterio, and Tiger Mask), more often than not, it has been done in an official manner, with the blessing of the original or approval of the promotion that created the gimmick.

Meanwhile, there have also been countless “mini” versions of WWE superstars and numerous imposter angles where one superstar has attempted to trick his foe. However, there’s a big difference between using a double of a wrestler for the purpose of an angle and using a fake to sell tickets in an attempt to capitalise on the success of the original. This list focuses on the latter.

It's not only the indies that do it either; WWE is just as guilty as anyone else. Join us as we put ten of the most notorious wresting frauds under the microscope and delve into the worst cases of identity theft in wrestling history.


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