10 Famous WWE Matches That Actually Sucked

9. The Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels II - WrestleMania 26

This one was very hard to include, but when you look at the facts - and the background of the match - it simply has to be included; albeit nowhere near the top of the list. Unlike John Cena and The Rock's duo of matches at WrestleMania, the first contest between Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker at WrestleMania 25 is rightly regarded as one of the finest wrestling matches ever seen. However, when you try to follow up an iconic match with a rematch between the two same guys a year later, it invariably tends to end in failure. Having Michaels put his career on the line immediately felt like overkill to be honest, as we all knew what was going to happen from that moment onwards. The wrestling that took place in the match just felt like a bit of a rehash from the previous year, with both guys looking like they were going through repeated motions. If you sat down in front of a recording of both matches between these two guys, you would always choose to watch the first one. That's where the magic was - probably because it was so unique. Doing it all over again just a year later wasn't the smartest move from the WWE, and it did show on occasions throughout the second bout. All in all, it just couldn't live up to the hype from the first match. That's why it was a letdown.

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