10 Fantasy WWE Matches That Took Place On Free TV

Thank you, Paige.


Paige has massive shoes to fill in her new role as SmackDown Live General Manager, but she got off to the best possible start this week, treating fans to a veritable dream match between AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan on night one.

You're always slightly suspicious when WWE decides to give away a potential pay-per-view money-spinner like this on free TV. It's kind of like receiving an email written in broken English from someone claiming to be Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs, offering you a refund of £500: you want to believe it, but you're apprehensive at the same time.

Vince McMahon didn't dip his fingers into our wallets on Tuesday, but the fact that he let us have AJ versus D-Bry is alarming in other ways. Does it mean, for example, that these two are going to be kept a safe distance from one another over the next few months (say it ain't so)?

OK, now we're being silly. Let's just appreciate how rare it is for such a mega-match to go out on SmackDown, and celebrate the handful of other occasions that it happened in the past...

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