10 Fantasy WWE Stables That Would Have Been Amazing

Gangs Of New York.


There's an old gag that often does the rounds at the expense of turn-of-the-century internet wrestling community for the desperation at the time to see a "new" Nation Of Domination. It played on the notion that lots of relatively innocent young minds just assumed that bookers could and should align a group of African Americans and rebadge them under the name briefly established under Faarooq's auspices in the late-1990s.

In partial defence of the narrow-minded few that can't look beyond ethnicity as a means to bringing wrestlers together, they have been raised on a steady diet of pro wrestling bookers making the same decision and presenting it as the norm. A slithering shortcut, it's proven one of the quickest wins for promoters looking to knock together stables or tag teams, despite the fact that the rest of the fanbase have already fantasised about their favourite characters coming together for an entirely different single issue.

Rooted in action figure play or primitive photoshop creation, these dream teams and super-squads often shape the young minds of the fandom, capturing the literal imagination in ways Vince McMahon would dream of capitalising on. That it never comes to pass robs those supporters of the vindication, the visual, and in many cases, the genuine creative victory...

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