10 Fascinating WWE Royal Rumble 1997 Facts

1. With His Loss, Sid Managed A Rather Dubious Distinction


Sid would end up regaining the WWE Championship about a month later, during a rather confusing period for the belt. He would drop it once more at WrestleMania 13, this time to The Undertaker.

With both losses, Psycho Sid became the first, and to date only, man to lose the WWE Championship at a Royal Rumble and a WrestleMania in the same calendar year.

The other wrestlers who have dropped the WWE Championship at a Royal Rumble event include The Ultimate Warrior (1991), Mankind (1999), Edge (2006), Jeff Hardy (2009), CM Punk (2013), Roman Reigns (2016), and AJ Styles (2017). Reigns is the only other wrestler in that group to have had a WWE Championship match at the ensuing WrestleMania, in which he defeated Triple H. Because of the rare circumstances of the frenzied main event scene in 1997, it's highly unlikely that Sid's "feat" will ever be duplicated.

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