10 Fascinating WWE Royal Rumble 1999 Facts

10. It Gave Us A Theme Song That Would Stand The Test Of Time

McMahon was insistent that Stone Cold wasn't going to win the Royal Rumble from the pre-ordained number one position, so much so that "No Chance in Hell" became the official tagline for the event. By no small coincidence, theme music deity Jim Johnston put together a song for the event, a rather aggressive-sounding bit of nu-metal similarly entitled, "No Chance in Hell".

McMahon entered to said music a few times on the Sunday Night Heat pre-show, but curiously, not when he made his Rumble entrance later in the night. Following the pay-per-view, the song became McMahon's full-time theme, a heralding sound that has accompanied his entrances for nearly 20 years. If ever a performer had their theme music done right on the first try, it was certainly Vinnie Mac.


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