10 Fascinating WWE Royal Rumble 2000 Facts

1. It Was The First Rumble Since 1989 Where Nobody Went Over 30 Minutes


The 2000 Royal Rumble match featured a rather interesting choice for its iron man in Test, who lasted 26 minutes from his number 10 entry. The second and third longest-lasting entrants were Gangrel and Big Boss Man, respectively, each hovering around the 23 minute mark.

Clearly, WWE didn't set out to have anyone be a record-pushing workhorse, considering that none of those three broke even the 30 minute mark. Every Rumble between 1990 and 1999 had at least one man get past the half-hour threshold, with 2000 breaking that streak.

The Rock needed to last just 15 minutes to get to the finish line, while runner-up Big Show went 11. In all, 14 wrestlers did manage to get past the ten minute mark, so at least it wasn't rapid-fire eliminations, as was the case with 1995.

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