10 Fascinating WWE Royal Rumble 2005 Facts

The WWE of tomorrow takes shape, while Vince is going to need a hand.

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TV watchers on both sides of the Atlantic may remember a comedy program called Whose Line is it Anyway?, in which improv-masters worked their way through hypothetical scenarios. One such game from the US version was called "Dead Bodies", in which one player had to act out a multi-person scene while the other actors pretended to be lifeless. To accomplish this, the "living" player would have to manipulate the appendages of his fellow performers, and speak on their behalf, playing multiple roles at once.

That little game came to mind when Vince McMahon ended up on his ass at the conclusion of the 2005 Rumble match, after a ring entry-gone-bad. Despite having just torn his quadriceps, McMahon gallantly (this can't be stressed enough) carried on with the scene, and expected John Cena, Batista, and the four referees to pretend he wasn't sitting there like someone that had just purchased a lap dance. It's one of the most unusual unintended visuals in WWE history.

That darkly-comical moment somewhat detracted from the fact that Cena and Batista were the flavors of 2005 and beyond, as reflected by their standing in the Rumble match. Overall, the 2005 Royal Rumble is a somewhat-forgotten classic, or rather a classic show that gets overshadowed by Vince McMahon's unexpected predicament.

Here are ten facts about the 2005 Royal Rumble you may not have known.


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