10 Fascinating WWE Survivor Series 2003 Facts

Shawn Michaels makes believers out of the cynics.


There weren't too many WWE pay-per-views in 2003 that one could consider "good". Aside from WrestleMania XIX, Vengeance, and half of Royal Rumble, the batch was an especially weak one in terms of quality. Survivor Series falls somewhere in the middle of the year's rankings - better than outright abominations like Judgment Day, Unforgiven, and Armageddon, but notches below the aforementioned truly great shows of the year.

The match that keeps Survivor Series 2003 firmly out of the cellar is Raw's five-on-five elimination match. In it, Shawn Michaels delivers on one of the best-booked stories of grit and determination, trying to survive three-on-one odds and a copious amount of blood loss in order to save Steve Austin's job. It was a rare bit of tense business in a time where genuine drama was lacking.

Otherwise, Survivor Series 2003 was a bit murky. The McMahon men each faced off with the different Brothers of Destruction in gimmick matches that ranged from "overbooked and nonsensical" (Shane vs. Kane) to "bloody but dull" (Vince vs. Undertaker). The Goldberg/Triple H World Championship main event was a pretty bland finale, though there were reasons for that. In all, Survivor Series 2003 was a bit of a downer from the previous year's, but one match makes it worth a watch.

Here are ten facts about Survivor Series 2003 you may not have known.


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