10 Fascinating WWE Survivor Series 2004 Facts

Randy Orton stands tall as his ill-fated babyface push continues onward.


Survivor Series 2004 is one of those shows that are enjoyable to watch, a pleasant way to burn three hours, but not one that you'd breathlessly recommend to your buddies. If it weren't for the presence of two classic elimination matches on the card, you might have mistaken the show for a pretty decent Backlash or No Mercy. Though it has to be said that any show with Gene Snitsky in the main event can't be bad.

Two of the bigger winners at Survivor Series were in the elimination matches. On the SmackDown side, John Cena survived alongside Big Show and Eddie Guerrero, as the push toward his eventual main event run continued earnestly. Over on Raw, Randy Orton was the lone survivor, a position he found himself in just one year earlier. His push as a virtuous hero, however, just wasn't taking with the crowd. His edge had been thoroughly sanded off, and there were going to have to be changes at the top of the Raw cards once WWE chose to hold back on Orton's grand push.

Sure enough, one of Orton's opponents in that main event had been picking up steam. Batista was just beginning to demonstrate a willingness to usurp the nefarious Triple H, and that quiet confidence resonated with the WWE audience. The company certainly noticed.

Here are ten facts about Survivor Series 2004 you may not have known.


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