10 Fascinating WWE Survivor Series 2007 Facts

Take away the elimination match, and it hardly feels like a Survivor Series.


As these lists push onward toward the latter day, what becomes clear is how little specialness there is in these shows. That's not to say that they're all terrible - 2007, 2009, 2011, and 2016 were all pretty good cards - but up until last year, the "Survivor Series" concept was wholly secondary to whatever stories were going at the given time. The elimination matches really just feel like thrown bones for the sake of nostalgia, a belly rub for the feels.

As said, the 2007 show is hardly a bad show at all: the World title matches were both very good, the token elimination match was well crafted, and the opening ECW title match prominently displayed three skillful workers each with brighter days ahead.

That said, the 2007 Survivor Series isn't what one would term "memorable". Instead, it read as one of those shows where everything that was supposed to be good was good, and everything that wasn't (lookin' at you, Hornswoggle vs. Great Khali) wasn't. But the same could be said for a lot of post-2000 pay-per-views, where the bloated calendar and the constant rematch-hashing wears the novelty down quicker. If nothing else, this particular show was just a victim of its time.

Here are ten facts about the 2007 Survivor Series you may not have known.


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