10 Fascinating WWE Survivor Series 2010 Facts

And we never saw John Cena again.


The 2010 Survivor Series featured a rather interesting moral quandary in its main event. Nexus leader Wade Barrett challenged for Randy Orton's WWE Championship, with unwilling Nexus disciple John Cena coerced into acting as special referee. If Barrett won the belt, Cena would earn his freedom from the Nexus. If Orton won, Cena would lose his job, period. Even for a character as morally strong as Cena (we'll wait for Alex Riley and Tyler Reks to stop laughing), resisting the urge to screw Orton over was going to be a challenge.

There was potential intensity in the drama, that is until you remember that WWE (having crafted their entire show around Cena) would rather drop dead than have their cash cow off TV for any extended period of time. Even if Orton did win, you just knew there would be some "Deus ex Ma-Cena" to get him back on television.

That's about the only interesting thing there is to say about Survivor Series 2010, a night where outside of the main event, the entire promotion felt like it was stuck in neutral. Story-void undercard title matches, an average elimination match, and some gaudy storytelling in the big title matches firmly attached the "just another show" label to Survivor Series, finish be damned.

Here are ten facts about Survivor Series 2010 you may not have known.


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