10 Fascinating WWE Survivor Series 2011 Facts

Finally, The Rock HAS COME BACK....to make people give a damn once more.


If I just wrote "Rock" enough times to fulfill the word quotas in this feature, would you hold it against me? Survivor Series 2011 may have featured four title matches and a classic elimination match, but there was no escaping the fact that the night was all about Rock. Rock Rock Rock. ROCK.

Yes, WWE managed to wrangle The Rock into a main event match with several months to go before his big WrestleMania XXVIII date with John Cena. The two cornerstones of neighboring eras would be teaming up to take on the duo of Cannon and Fodder, perhaps better known as The Miz and R-Truth.

To say that most of the build toward the show was centered on Rock appearing would be like saying most of the ocean water is wet. WWE was banking on the in-ring return of 'The Great One' to drum up some major interest in their product, and for the diminished Survivor Series anthology by proxy.

In all, Survivor Series 2011 wasn't the greatest of shows from a technical standpoint, but there's no denying the special feeling in the air that night in Madison Square Garden. The energetic and vociferous New York crowd came through for what was nominally a one-match show as far as the hype was concerned, but a fun show on the whole.

Here are ten facts about Survivor Series 2011 you may not have known.


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