10 Fascinating WWE WrestleMania 10 Facts

10. A Gossip Columnist Overheard Wrestlers Discussing Finishes


A WWE urban legend is spawned from this story. The rumor that made the rounds for years is that Lex Luger was supposed to win the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 10, but plans changed when he publicly blabbed about it, and word got out, prompting WWE to go with Bret Hart instead. This isn't the case.

For some time, Hart knew he would wind up with the belt by night's end (more on this later). But shortly before WrestleMania 10, a gossip columnist from the New York Daily News reportedly overheard Luger, Hart, Crush, Stan Lane, and Johnny Polo at a steakhouse in the city, talking about what was to happen on the Sunday pay-per-view.

The columnist apparently misunderstood some of the details, believing that Luger was to have beaten Yokozuna. An article in the NYDN that ran on March 22, two days after the show, claimed that WWE changed the finishes as a form of misdirection, but there's no evidence of that.


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