10 Fascinating WWE WrestleMania 12 Facts

10. McMahon Wanted No Celebrity Involvement At The Show


Despite pushing Lawrence Taylor and Pamela Anderson to the front lines of the WrestleMania 11 marketing blitz, the show only did 340,000 buys, down 19% from the previous year. Perhaps the buyrate would have been even worse without the celebrity skylighting, but McMahon had made a resolute decision concerning WrestleMania 12: they would do without the Hollywood glitz and gaga. This order was in spite of the event taking place in Anaheim, part of the Los Angeles metropolitan era.

Basil DeVito Jr., a long time WWE executive and McMahon adviser, explained, "If (the celebrities) served no other purpose than window dressing, it almost detracted from the event - at least during this period."

Rather than waste good money on stars that might not aid the bottom line, McMahon chose to focus on his performers who would still be there the next day.


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