10 Fascinating WWE WrestleMania 15 Facts

10. Billy Gunn Wasn't Comfortable Working The Hardcore Style


For the weeks building to WrestleMania 15, Gunn was feuding with Val Venis, Ken Shamrock, and Goldust in a story that included the Intercontinental title, Shamrock's sister Ryan as an object of affection, and residual hate between Gunn and Shamrock, owing to the Corporation-DX rivalry. Road Dogg, meanwhile, was firmly entrenched in the Hardcore title scene, working with Al Snow, and had a storyline beef with Hardcore Holly, who caused him to forfeit the belt after an attack.

The four-way and three-way matches wrote themselves headed into 'Mania and then...SWERVE! Dogg defeated Venis for the Intercontinental belt on Raw weeks before WrestleMania, and Gunn beat Holly for the Hardcore title the same night. The Outlaws swapped places in the respective WrestleMania title bouts, despite there being little story connection to their new opponents.

Holly remembers that Gunn wasn't happy with the abrupt switch, and didn't care for the plunder-laden style, as he felt like, "a fish out of water." But hey, you know, SWERVE!


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