10 Fascinating WWE WrestleMania 22 Facts

10. Bret Hart, Steve Austin Snubbed Hulk Hogan At The Hall Of Fame


One of the true highlights of WrestleMania weekend was seeing Bret Hart not only receive Hall of Fame recognition for his years of hard work and brilliance, but also share some light-hearted experiences with the assembled crowd in Chicago. Despite Hart's largely-stoic, matter-of-fact way of speaking, he remained engaging for forty minutes, leaving the crowd in stitches with some profoundly hilarious stories.

The speech wasn't the only rewarding part of Hart's weekend. Thirteen years earlier, when Hogan returned to WWE in the midst of Hart's first WWE Championship reign, he apparently refused to shake Hart's hand, or even say a word to him, when the two crossed paths for the first time in a year. "The Hitman" saw it as a clear eff-you, especially when after the plan was laid out for Hulk to win Hart's belt at WrestleMania 9 (through Yokozuna), he suddenly started acting all buddy-buddy with Bret.

Hart recalls that he was talking with Austin, his inductor, backstage at the Hall of Fame, when Hogan approached the men looking for a handshake. Both Hart and Stone Cold completely ignored him, showing that what goes around, comes around. "The Hitman" never forgets.


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