10 Fascinating WWE WrestleMania 29 Facts

10. Triple H Insisted That Madison Square Garden Hold The Hall Of Fame Ceremony


Love him or hate him, Triple H prides himself on being a student of wrestling history, and shares much of the same zeal as wrestling fans when it comes to "feels" and moments. WrestleMania these days is a stadium show, while the Hall of Fame ceremony takes place in the most prominent basketball or hockey venue nearest the stadium. Naturally, Madison Square Garden, across the river from North Jersey, made sense.

However, the cost of renting the Garden is exorbitant, and WWE was looking at a money-loss if they ran there. Triple H insisted on MSG, as opposed to East Rutherford's IZOD Center, due to the history WWE had in what was long considered their home building.

Plans to run at the Garden were finalized before Bruno Sammartino was convinced to take part in the ceremony, but it was nonetheless fitting that "The Living Legend" got to headline Madison Square Garden one last time.


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