10 Fascinating WWE WrestleMania 32 Facts

10. "Electrical Issues" Resulted In An Emptier Stadium For Much Of The Pre-Show


After spending months hyping up a WrestleMania that would play to 100,000 fans (more on that later), the first pre-show match pitting Kalisto and Ryback took place in front of a sparse audience, with many seats still empty.

According to Bryan Alvarez of Figure Four Weekly (who was in attendance), there were major issues for the scores of fans waiting to be let into AT&T Stadium. The doors opened 20 minutes later than was originally announced, due to a vague "electrical issue" with the venue. Fans finally gained building access about 40 minutes before the first pre-show match.

Then it got worse. A very strict policy was in place, declaring that a patron had to enter through the gate that corresponded with the letter on their ticket ("A Gate", "B Gate", and so forth). Many fans didn't follow this policy, so that when they reached the front of the line, they would be banished all the way to the back of their correct line. Between that and an issue with the ticket scanners, this led to much ugliness. According to Alvarez, some fans who tried to force their way in were even tackled by security guards.


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