10 Fascinating WWE WrestleMania 8 Facts

10. About One-Fourth Of The Crowd Got In For Free


Although not quite the ticket-sales calamity that WrestleMania 7 in Los Angeles was, WrestleMania 8 had its own issues filling The Hoosier Dome in Indianapolis to capacity.

The given attendance for the event was 62,167, good for the sixth largest WWE crowd pre-2001 (and second-largest in the United States in that time frame). It was certainly a far cry from a year earlier, when a quarter of that purchased seats for WrestleMania 7.

The truth is about 15,000 freebies were given out, a concerted attempt to make the building look as full as possible on television. You can understand the cosmetic need to create the illusion of a sell out, but nonetheless: selling roughly 47,000 seats in a tumultuous time is still pretty damn impressive.


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